Thursday, September 18th, 2014
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Body Talk The many things we call our most private parts.
Name Calling Harsh words from one artist to another.
Talking Like a Sailor A cheat-sheat for getting by on the high seas.
Message Received 2013: India has joined the U.S. and other Western nations in conscripting the telegram to the pages of history. Later...
The Magician in the Laboratory Rupert Sheldrake was a scientific superstar, then he was mocked as a magician.
Symbology Summer 2012, “Magic Shows”
Ghost Whisperer Summer 2012, “Magic Shows”
Post Secrets The young women of old New York had their mail monitored by parents and servants until they could visit that epistolary den of vice, the post office.
Medium and the Mesenger Spring 2012, “Means of Communication”
Dispatches from the Front Lines Spring 2012, “Means of Communication”
Decoded Spring 2012, “Means of Communication”
Font of History Spring 2012, “Means of Communication”
How the Other Half Talks Spring 2012, “Means of Communication”
Time Capsules Fall 2011, “The Future”
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