Saturday, September 20th, 2014
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The Midas Touch by Lewis H. Lapham
Piggy Bank c. 64 / Campania
Principle Versus Inclination 1724 / Block Island
If Aristotle Had Cooked c. 1690 / Mexico City
Kitchen Appliances c. 1490 / Milan
No Small Parts 1923 / Missouri
It Just Tastes Better 1661 / London
Civil Abstinence 1854 / Walden
The Death Cap 54 / Rome
Today’s Menu 1749 / London
Dog Eat Dog 1777 / New Zealand
Boiled Not Flayed c. 1876 / Arabia
M.F.K. Fisher on the Basics 1949 / Los Angeles
Pastoral Romance by Brent Cunningham
The Imperial Kitchen by Jason Goodwin
Death in the Pot by Deborah Blum
Porphyry & Ted Nugent Kill It and Grill It
Locusts, Cilantro, Elvis Presley Findings From the Editors
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