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Swindle & Fraud

Volume VIII, Number 2 | spring 2015


The Athenian orator Lysias, a generation younger than Antiphon—who pioneered the business of writing defense speeches—once upset a litigant, according to Plutarch, for whom he had prepared a defense, because the first time the man read the speech it “seemed to him wonderfully good, but on taking it up a second and third time it appeared completely dull and ineffectual.” After hearing the man out, Lysias replied, “Well, isn’t it only once that you are going to speak it before the jurors?”

You can put wings on a pig, but you don’t make it an eagle.

- Bill Clinton, 1996

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Sexy Sails


A Union Army plan to ship prostitutes up the river goes poorly.


A floating Alaskan strip club runs into legal trouble. 


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