The Destruction of Tyre, by John Martin, 1840. © Toledo Museum of Art, purchased with funds from the Libbey Endowment, gift of Edward Drummond Libbey.


Volume X, Number 3 | summer 2017

Petrified Forest

Lewis H. Lapham

In Search of Fear

Philippe Petit

Land of Darkness

Suki Kim

Fear of Arrival

Ivan Vladislavić

The Dread Gorgon

Caroline Alexander



Voices In Time


| Thermopylae

Mutual Aid

| London

Unwritten Law

| Chicago

Heads Above Water

| Atlantic Ocean

Fear Not

| Turkey


| Somme

Suspicious Minds

| Voorburg

Shock and Awe

| London

Torment Unforeseen

| St. Petersburg

Dust to Dust

| Philadelphia


| Igloolik

Class Act

| Oyster Bay, NY

Regret the Errors

| Cambridge, MA

Hate Speech

| Washington, DC

Fire Alarm

c. | Kingdom of Judah

Body Language

| Downe

Weird Tales

| Providence

Mother’s Little Helper

c. | United States

Night Vision

| Berlin

Bad Moon Rising

| Felixstowe

Scared to Death

| Cambridge, MA

Love Lost

| Rome

Devil’s Advocate

c. | Bogotá

Ghost Story

c. | Forres

Home Insecurity

| Paris

Harm Done

| Oxford

Lambs to Slaughter

| Gnadenhütten, OH

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LQ Podcast

#07 Kory Stamper

Lewis Lapham talks with Kory Stamper, lexicographer at Merriam-Webster and the author of Word by Word: The Secret Life of Dictionaries.     More